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3dB Research has extensive experience in all aspects of music and voice processing, from fundamental research, right down to implementing algorithms on target platforms.  With over 60 years of combined experience, 3dB has strong research capabilities with the knowledge and expertise to transform this research into industrial solutions.

While 3dB licenses out a full suite of classic effects such as reverb, echo, compressor/limiters, tube emulation, flange/chorus, and pitch/time shifters, our main research effort is focused on musIQ® (pronounced “muse IQ”) technologies, which offer musicians a whole new dimension for controlling the effects they love.

musIQ® technologies “listen” to what you are playing and are capable of understanding the structure of your music. This allows very musical effects to be generated without a lot of parameter tweaking, as is common in most music processors on the market today. In essence, you control the musical effects with your instrument rather than parameters, and the results are always musically correct. Our goal with all musIQ technologies is to make music products a joy to use by getting the underlying technology out of your way.

Our musIQ portfolio includes the following technologies: note detection, harmony generation, strum pattern recognition, and guitar pitch shifting. The musIQ note detection engine is able to analyze complex polyphonic waveforms in real time and determine what notes are being played. The musIQ harmony engine inteprets this note data in parallel with the pitch of the singer to determine the most musically correct harmony note to sing. Our musIQ SmartStrum™ technology analyzes guitar strumming in order to extract patterns - a technology that is making it possible for guitar players to set up complex delay patterns in seconds simply by strumming their guitar! Finally, our musIQ low-latency pitch shifting technology includes a jointly optimized pitch detector and pitch shifter that was designed specifically for guitar resulting in ultra-clean, low-latency guitar pitch shifting.

To learn more about musIQ Harmony, check out musIQ Harmony FAQ and Vocal Harmony Made Easy).

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